Learn Thai Yoga Massage

The teaching of Thai massage takes place over three levels plus an extra workshop dedicated to Osteothai:

* Discovery Workshop - Thai Massage I

* Intermediate Level - Thai Massage II

* Practitioner Level - Thai Massage III

* Osteothai

It is possible to take advantage of the professional development bursary to attend the classes! More details

The course can take place in English.

> Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage

Participants learn a one-hour routine of simple and playful techniques in prone, supine, side and seated position. Individual and group classes enable participants to get to know the specificities of Thai Yoga massage and particularly how to work with body weight.

For couples and individuals who enjoy giving and receiving massages; but also for body therapists who want to bring in new effective techniques into their daily practice.

Upcoming workshop in Berlin:

> Intermediate Level - Thai Massage II

Participants of the advanced course will be taught a 1 1/2 hour routine with new and more dynamic techniques. They will refine their sense of touch and learn therapeutical points.

Participants must have either attended the Introductory Workshop or some experience in Thai Massage.

Upcoming workshop in Berlin:

> Practitioner Level - Thai Massage III

You will learn how to develop your own routine taking into account the energy line system, therapeutical points and contras as well as new finer techniques. You will get to practice with closed eyes and train your sensitivity.

The upcoming workshop includes three modules: 1/ Techniques in prone position, 2/ seated, 3/ in side and front positions and takes place on

Upcoming workshop in Berlin:

> Osteothai Workshop

As precise as osteopathy and as warm and relaxing as Thai massage!

The Osteothai workshop explores the fusion of two philosophies from East to West, which share great similarities.

It is taught over three modules: 1/ osteopathic principles and hip techniques, 2/ introduction to the General Osteopathic Treatment, and 3/ Invitation to Sivasana and Iliosacred Dance.

The workshop requires good knowledge of Thai massage and will be delivered with a booklet and a certificate.

Upcoming workshop in Berlin:

Workshop fees are 150 € and include certificate and learning booklet.

Classes can be taught in
English, German, or French.

Group teaching can also be arranged on request for groups of 4 minimum and private classes for one to four people.


"I enjoyed the warmth and openness of the teaching and I felt the integrity of the Thai model."

"The workshop was excellent! I am pleased to have a sense of wholeness around a treatment." Feldenkrais Practitioner

"Clear and generous with the information and instructions. There was space for questions and individual corrections." Dancer

Special Offer !

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